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Rapid Gun Systems is the complete point-of-sale solution
for your gun business.

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Improve your efficiency and productivity with these top features.

ATF Compliant

Staying ATF compliant is simple and straightforward since the software prompts you for everything the ATF needs. ATF updates are free forever.


Keep the ATF off your back with a system that automatically logs all your acquisitions and dispositions. Generate ATF reports with one click.

FFL Transfers

Our system-guided procedures ensure no step is missed for inbound & outbound transfers, and they’re properly cataloged for accounting.


Ensure your records all match. Make a change in one location, and watch it update everywhere – your Bound Book, sales records, and Form 4473.

Errorless ID Scanning

Eliminate typos and speed up customer entry by scanning the QR code/barcode on the back of IDs and much more in our Errorless ID Scanning.

Manage Inventory

Keep track of all your merchandise. Manage different types of merchandise, and get alerts when items are running low.

Sales & Reporting

Get insight into your business with an easy to use sales register, and reports that let you see what’s moving and what’s not.

Rapid Integrations

We make life easier on you by integrating with the other systems that run your business, including QuickBooks, Sage, Great Plains.

All Day, Every Day Support

Help is just a phone call away. Call us 365 days a year.

Opening Your First Gun Store?

Here’s a walkthrough of what to keep in mind when picking out your first POS system.

Upgrading an Existing Gun Store?

Learn how we can streamline your business and help you migrate from existing systems.

Comprehensive Point of Sale Hardware

Whether your hardware needs to make a statement—or just print them—we’ve got you covered.

Firearm POS System with cash drawer, iPhone and iPad

Get everything you need to run your POS – including cash drawers, barcode scanners, screens and receipt printers.

NCR XR7 POS System

We work closely with NCR, the world’s largest register manufacturer, to ensure you get a time-tested POS with a robust warranty.

Credit Card Reader with Chip & Pin by Ingenico

Let customers pay however they want with credit card machines that work with Chip & Pin (EMV), Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and more.

Special Features for FFLs

Run more than just a gun-store? So do we.

For Shooting Ranges


Rapid Gun Systems integrates everything you need to run shooting lanes. Quickly assign shooters to different lanes, see their lane time, collect rental fees, and schedule maintenance.

For Gunsmiths


Rapid Gun Systems easily allows gunsmiths to enter notes about specific work and pricing for each customer, and prompts for required A&D info when a gun must be left overnight or picked up.

For Gun Shows


Take all of your POS capabilities with you on the road when you attend gun shows. There’s nothing new to learn and the system can even sell when you’re offline.

dot & line chart

Integrated Inventory Ordering

A POS that’s smart enough to buy inventory too.


Keep inventory in stock with integrated ordering directly from your POS. Soon you’ll only need one system to check inventory, order more stock, and run reports. We’re integrating with a number of vendors across the US. Even better, this integration will allow for automated POs once stock gets low, making  supply problems a thing of the past.

Marketing Expertise

30+ years of experience allows us to translate our unique insight into what’s working and what’s not in the industry.

We’ll train you to pull reports that display how effective your merchandizing is – giving you immediate insight into what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll also share best practices from our hundreds of store visits.

Integrated Customer Management
Stop processing transactions and start building long-term customers with our built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Discover your most profitable clients and valuable leads easily.

Email Marketing
Stay in contact with customers to help drive business through sales, events, and specials. Send out a mass email or tailor or it to specific customer profiles. We’ll walk you through all the options during your training.

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