Upgrade Your Point-of-Sale System

Feeling growing pains? You’re not alone.


We work with dozens of gun stores that have outgrown their existing systems, and many more who purchased a system and decided it wasn’t right for them. Most businesses have 2-3 major pain points they’re experiencing that we can easily solve. The easiest way to see how we can eliminate your pain points is to chat with us.


Streamline BoundBook Processes

Using simple accounting systems like Quickbooks can work for the first year of business, but as transactions increase, so does paperwork…and errors. Many customers upgrade to Rapid Gun Systems to streamline their workflows and reduce errors with our integrated eBoundBook, and 2-D ID scanner.


Get Control On Inventory

Nothing’s a bigger headache than a lost firearm or a lost sale. Companies switch to Rapid Gun Systems to ensure they can audit their firearms to prevent loss, and maintain stock levels to reduce outages. Our system will even prompt you when stock gets low so you can quickly replenish.


Avoid ATF Violations

We see many companies come to us after failing an ATF audit. Since Rapid Gun Systems works closely with the NSSF and former ATF agents, our customers benefit from a system that helps ensure they’re 100% compliant, all day, every day.


Simplify ATF Forms

Some companies are simply frustrated by ATF paperwork. They choose Rapid Gun Systems because our system ensures there’s no wasted time re-keying data and no chance for transcription errors. Our POS system knows which forms are required for every transaction, and auto-populates as many fields as possible prior to printing.


Integrate 3rd-Party Systems

Many clients come to us wanting to integrate existing systems with their POS—most notably accounting software (e.g. Quickbooks, Sage, and Great Plains) and online sales software (e.g. Magento and Shopify). This type of work can dramatically streamline workflows and make your employees lives much easier.


Data Conversion

We make it easy to transfer data from an existing system to a new one. Running a retail store generates a lot of data—from inventory and sales to customer information and employee records. We automate that data conversion to ensure clients never have to manually re-enter thousands of records into a new system.


Customizable Features

Reaching a certain size (over $500k in sales) can highlight bottlenecks in your processes that 2-3 simple features can dramatically improve. Our customization team works quickly to understand your workflow and make updates to include any features you need in order to be successful and efficient.

Streamline Your Business

Get an answer fast on whether Rapid Gun Systems is right for you.

Fix My POS Frustration!

Fix My POS Frustration!