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ATF compliance is the biggest feature that separates gun store POS systems from other retailers. It’s also the place where your business can be most disrupted if your records aren’t pristine. Our focus on FFLs means that you’ll get everything you need to stay ATF compliant with no compromises.

Top ATF Violations

50% of FFL businesses fail their annual compliance checks. While violations can seem insignificant they can hinder your ability to support law enforcement’s criminal investigation efforts. Proper and timely record-keeping by FFLs is critical to the success of a crime gun trace. Failing to account for firearms is a serious public safety concern because unaccounted firearms cannot be traced. 

27 CFR 478.124(c)(1)
Transferee did not properly complete Section A, Form 4473

27 CFR 478.125(e)
Failure to timely record information in boundbook (A&D record)

7 CFR 478.21 – (a) – (b)
Failure to complete forms as indicated in instructions (this violation is often cited when the licensee failed to properly complete a form, but there is not a separate regulatory citation addressing the omitted or mis-documented item)

27 CFR 478.124(c)(3)(i)
Licensee failed to obtain and/or document purchaser’s ID

27 CFR 478.124(c)(5)
Licensee did not sign and date Form 4473

27 CFR 478.124(c)(3)(iv)
Licensee did not record on Form 4473 the date on which NICS was contacted


Our system won’t let your data be anything but accurate and compliant. Without any extra work on your part, our system automatically updates your eBound Book based on sales. It’s integrated into our POS, and it’s compliant with ATF Ruling 2013-5 — the most recent ruling governing electronic bound books. Be confident that you’ve got everything in order. Need proof? Rapid makes it easy to print out recent changes, specific transactions, or your full bound book so ATF officers can see it.

e4473s and 3310s

Since everyone you sell a firearm to will have to fill out ATF forms, you might as well get them right. Our electronic 4473 makes it easy for the customer to input all the required information. It then populates your sales records, your customer database, and your eBound Book all at the same time. Make a change in one place, and watch it update everywhere else.

FFL Private Party Transfers

Many states including (California, Colorado, Delaware, New York and others) require private party transfers to be processed through an FFL. Rapid makes it easy to process these transfers without adding them to your inventory, which keeps your accountant happy. Even better, if any required ATF information is missing, we’ll prompt you for it.

Other POS software often treats private party transfers like purchased inventory which could have tax and revenue implications. Our system helps make these unique transactions hassle-free and compliant.

Holding Periods

We make holding periods straightforward with a system that’s smart enough to know what to do when a firearm is “on hold” vs. “sold.” Rapid will manage deposits during the holding period, and moves the gun from available inventory to committed inventory. The bound book disposition is written only when the firearm is picked up. And it’s easy to upsell the customer when they return to pick-up the gun – adding ammo, a holster, a lock, etc.

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