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August 5, 2015

SHOT Show 2017

We’ve been wanting to show off Rapid Gun Systems at SHOT Show for a number of years, and 2017 was the year we finally were able to make it happen. The 4 days left us exhausted, without much voice left, and elated with the number of people with whom we connected. We know we have the best point-of-sale system for gun stores and it was a real privilege to show it off at the 2017 SHOT Show!

We saw a lot of our customers, many of which it was our first time meeting face to face (2017 will mark the year we surpass 100 gun store customers). Aftyn from Ready Gunner dropped by to get a few questions answered and the next thing we knew she advocating on our behalf to booth visitors! She told two different groups of prospective customers, “I really like their system, but the real reason you need it is because you’re going to love their people.” As the owner of Rapid Gun Systems, you can image how proud she made me feel. It also confirms to me that customer service still is, and always will be, the most important aspect of gaining and retaining business. Thank you, Aftyn!

We spoke to a number of people who said that selecting a new POS system was the major reason they were attending the 2017 SHOT Show. We knew they were running from booth to booth doing their comparisons. Again and again we heard, “we looked at all of them, and your system makes the most sense.” Know that SHOT Show made us re-double our efforts to continue to be the best point-of-sale system in the world for gun stores, gun ranges, and gunsmithing businesses.

We always seek to listen and understand, so we learned a lot of things during the 4 days:

  • Form 3 and Form 4 are a bigger deal to many of our clients and prospects than we had originally thought. We now have these forms on our development roadmap so that these can be auto-printed (coming soon!).
  • All of our shooting ranges are really eager for our recurring billing module to be released so that monthly membership billing is 100% integrated.
  • We had the chance to talk with the ATF about our electronic 4473. We all believe that accuracy will increase even while making the whole compliance portion of the transaction speedier. Our partnership with the ATF is an enormous benefit to our customers and will continue to be a priority for us.
  • We learned that we hit the nail on the head by automating the 3310. Many clients and prospects acknowledged that it’s tough to keep up with multiple firearm sales and they are relieved we’re doing it for them.

Undoubtedly, the best part of the 2017 SHOT Show was that we were able to put faces with names.  There’s just no substitute for a face-to-face meeting that concludes with a firm handshake. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit. We’re hoping to have a larger booth next year (and more candy), so make your plans now! We’ll have plenty of new features delivered over the next 12 months, and intend to unveil a new feature at next year’s show. We’re making the best even better.


Bart McCleskey, President
Rapid Gun Systems

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